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Scope: General Monte Carlo Simulation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence references with bias toward HPC floating point CPU design for scientific computing, computer arithmetic, semiconductor news, hardware, systems research, start ups and excluding Code ( programming), FinTech, and PBC Infrastructure as they are covered on other Pink I tabs.

People:  John GruberO’KelleyGosling, rob , Jeff Dean, Dave Patterson, Jean-Michel Muller , Dick Karp, bwk, Peter Novig, Khan

Net/Aggregators:  Slashdot,   SemiWiki, google researchmicrosoft research, intel research, Oracle Research, nvidia researchNo Excuse ListArs,  CPU World,  Simons Science News, , Medium(technology), redbook, …

News/Periodicals: HPCWire,  The Register,  Tech ReviewThe Inquirer,  IEEE Spectrum,   CACM, AnandTech , ExtremeTech

Conferences:   HotChips, SOSP, STOC, USENIX, ISCA

Open Problems:

  1. Derive the expected Sweet spot roadmap for growth in NIMo FP capacity?
  2. What role does SPARK play in NIMo research?
  3. How much of NIMo can be Open Software?

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