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Scope: These vanilla references end up being links more or less subsampled from Arts & Letters Daily with approximately the same organization. The people links below are my own idiosyncratic collection  of folks who write regularly and are more plausible as sources of information than not. The exclusions in the overall link coverage are for Technology, Mathematics, Finance, Financial Engineering, and Economics references which are covered in greater detail in other Pink I tabs. The point of collecting these is 1. to give a quick reference for sources we use for reaction/sythesizing/blogging/curation or 2. just puzzling through these odd times.

People: Dowd,  Collins, Taibbi,  Shields & Brooks, Keillor,  KrugmanDonald MacKenzie, …

Primary: NYT, NPR, Washington Post, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Xinhuanet,  PBS, Times,  guardian,, Yahoo, …

Net/Curation/Aggregators: RotoworldFarnam StreetSlate Star CodexEdge, Medium,  PEC, 538, scotusblogGoogle, Arts & Letters Daily, …

Periodicals: New Yorker, New York Review of Books,  Los Angeles Review of Books,  Smithsonian Magazine, Atlantic, Nature, n+1, Lapham Quarterly,  Salon,  Der Spiegel, Slate, 1843, The Paris Review, LRB

Bibliography v0.0:

The idea behind Pink Iguana and Princeton Bank Consortium is a synthesis of the following references for applications of Net Interest Margin optimization. In so far as the references and links in the Pink I Tabs drift from  the stated target they do have a secondary purpose of providing some structure for my surfing the internet productively,

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Sedaris, D. (2017). Theft By Finding Diaries (1977-2002). Hachette.

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