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Project Ideas:

/lib: Virtual Library reading rooms keep your ebooks and physical books in one virtual space. Elevator pitch.

Reverse the Biosphere (RevB): Church’s Thesis says there is code for DNA process of cell division – look at all the cells in the Biosphere and reverse the code (in C, not Mix) for cell division. How Much Is Big Data Really Worth?  Dorian Gray Face Cream editas 

Finding Nimo: Net Interest Margin Optimization. Princeton Bank Consortium.

Big Water: There is a two way market for global warming causing rising sea levels on the US Atlantic coastline – develop the quantitative model adjustment for RMBS/CMBS to account literally for underwater mortgage defaults. Big Water

Theorem Shaving: Michael Ray Richardson allegedly shaved points in the NBA and got in trouble; Harold Shapiro said Atle Selberg shaved theorems working in isolation in Norway during WWII, but did not get in trouble.  Be like Selberg, corner the market in a very specific  and possibly lucrative  area of quantitative  modeling where the information is wildly asymmetrically distributed, and shave theorems. Elliptical Training Secrets and Theorem Shaving

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball style web interface for Bank Net Interest Margin Performance: Run explanatories and forecasts for the systematically important Banks and post it on the web scoreboard style.


If there were a race between the folks discovering the structure of DNA and determining the exact sequencing of the DNA bases in all the people who have U.S. bank accounts versus the folks determining the daily fluctuations in the assets and liabilities held by all the people who have U.S. bank accounts, it would be a too-close-to call race in Dec. 2017. Why is that? It is sort of obvious, on the one side you have well-funded, self-regulated, profit-oriented blue chip global corporations armed to the teeth with bleeding edge technology; and on the other side you have U.S. banks. There are some reasons you might still bet on the banks getting the daily Assets and Liabilities. The PBC will look into it and report back.

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