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Scope: Anything from markets, securities and market structure. Covers global primary and secondary trading markets as well as trading, retail, and commercial securities. Links for Domestic Equity and Fixed income markets, Macro Investing, Market summaries, and quarterly reviews.

People:  Matt Levine,  Rick Rieder, Bookstaber,  kevinonthestreet, Gillian Tett, Fama, Asness, Xin Guo, …

News: Marketwatch, MSCI, Bloomberg, FTSE, London Stock Exchange, NYSE, CME,, …

Regulatory: SIFMA, CFTC, ISDA, FDIC, BIS, …

Links:  DoubleLine  The Swap Report  Tabb Forum CME Interest Rate Swaps The OTC SpaceZeroHedge, AQR Digital Library,  …

Open Problems:

  1. Market implied term structure of econometric data
  2. Market correlation of market and econometric data for simulation
  3. Retail cashflow model dependency on market data


Good markets references are difficult to come by.

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