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Scope: PBC will source floating point from two places: 1. my iMac w. gcc and ICC/mkl, and 2. some combination of cloud resources AWS, Microsoft, Google . Although we want to take advantage of all the free floating point available today, I am not going to stress out about having the most fp I can fit on my desktop. We will flesh out the NIMo Reference server in gcc  and get local optimized scale on the multiple cores in the iMac with ICC/mkl. If that is 12 cores or 128 cores, I don’t really care to the first order approximation. Of course there are interesting optimization problems scaling  apps up from 12 cores but for the most part banks cannot even get one core to run competitively for a variety of reasons. Here we will track the links and references for building the infrastructure to run PBC,

Links: Github, Atlassian, Coding Horror, WordPress, …

Server side – iMac – gcc, ICC, MKL, Xcode, MySQL, python, github,  …


Microsoft Azure –

Google – Google Research Blog Jupiter paper

Front End – WordPress, PHP, …

Open Questions:

  1. Moving NIMo from desktop to cloud
  2. Code Optimization in the cloud
  3. Vectorized processor selection for NIMo
  4. GPU selection for NIMo
  5. Handling and Processing Retail Security data


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