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Scope: The 30 year march toward automating trading and banking has culminated in the FinTech interest of recent years.

People: Blythe Masters, Kay Giesecke, …

Companies/Industrial: BitcoinWePayJPM, BlockChain, McKinsey, LabCFTC, …

Papers:  whats-in-their-wallet-v2Wall Street Computation 2014, A Cynic’s Guide to FIntech,  …

Conferences: Benzinga Fintech Summit, Singapore FinTech Festival 2017, …

Periodicals: Finextra, Ledger, Wired, FINTECH TIMES,  …

News: techcrunch, medium, …

Open Problems:

  1. NIMo Role in FinTech: Apps for US  Banks, Competitors, or both?
  2. Numerical Optimization applied to buy and hold portfolios – applications
  3. Optimization with partial of aggregated data.


The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-But Some Don’t 1st Edition,  Nate Silver.

Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk, UC Berkeley, 2017.

Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory, Stanford, 2017.

MIT FinTech, 2018.

Wharton FinTech, 2018.

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