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Scope: Security Models (per security and aggregated valuation and cashflow models), Market and Macro models for forward simulation, Capital plan models (actual, implied optimized, and forward models), Balance sheet models ( actual and forward simulated). Tools, testing, and prototyping will be covered as well.

People: Andrew LoWilmott, Marco, Shreve, Duffie, Turnbull, Hull, …

Valuation model papers: Black Scholes 2014

Jarrow, R. and van Deventer, D. (1998), “The arbitrage‐free valuation and hedging of
demand deposits and credit card loans”, Journal of Banking & Finance, 22, 249‐272


Cashflow model papers:

Martin Schneider, Borrowing Constraints in a Dynamic Model Of Bank Asset and Liability Management, 2001, here.

FDIC, Liquidity and Funds Management, here.

Helena von Feilitzen, Modeling Non–Maturing Liabilities. 2011,  here.

Lo has a credit card model paper.

Expected Market data  model papers:

LMM – BGM – Brace Gatarek Museila Model

  • Brace, A., Gatarek, D. et Musiela, M. (1997): “The Market Model of Interest Rate Dynamics”, Mathematical Finance, 7(2), 127-154.
  • Miltersen, K., Sandmann, K. et Sondermann, D., (1997): „Closed Form Solutions for Term Structure Derivates with Log-Normal Interest Rates“, Journal of Finance, 52(1), 409-430.


Expected Econometric data model papers:

Open Problems:

  1. Time and space tradeoff in NIMo simulation of cashflow models of retail deposits and loans.
  2. Deposit cashflow model
  3. Cards cashflow model

Bibliography v 0.0:


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