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Scope:  Economics and Finance ex quantitative modeling : Macro, Micro, Finance (ex quantitiative), and Retail & Commercial Banking (ex trading and markets).

People: DeLong Noahpinion, MankiwMarginal Revolution, Roger Lowenstein, Richard Bookstaber, …

Periodicals: Amercan Banker, Alphaville, The Banker, II

News:  Clusterstock,, …

Open Problems:

  1. Compare Domestic vs Foreign NIMo potential
  2. Single Bank versus All US Bank NIMo
  3. Ratios and NIM Numerical Optimization
  4. Retail cashflow model dependency on Econometric and Historical data

Bibliography v0.0:

Lots of historical interpretation and sometimes masterful descriptive story telling. You can see where this runs off the rails with Michael Lewis, for example, if you are looking for something profound. The story telling, in many cases, is way better than the fidelity to reality.

Barofsky. Bailout.

Blinder, A. After the Music Stopped.

Bookstaber, R. Demons of our Own Design.

Bookstaber, R. The End of Theory.

Chernow, R. House of Morgan.

Eichengreen, B. Exorbitant Privilege.

Kindelberger, C. Manias, Panics, and Crashes.

Mayer, M. The Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery.

Merton, R. Continuous-Time Finance.

Olney, M. L. Macroeconomics.

Olney, M. L. Microeconomics.

Piketty, T. (2015). Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Prochnow. Practical Bank Credit.

Reinhart, & Rogoff, K. This Time is Different.

Richards. Currency Wars.

Shiller, R. Finance and the Good Society.

Sobel, R. Panic on Wall Street.


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