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Mark to market


Finished moving and renovating my apartment, time to fire up Pink I and the PBC.

good things – the 2017 vintage OLED monitor plays surprisingly well with the iMac. The Apple geniuses hate it when you ask a real specific question with a yes no answer. I had lotsa questions about how LG  monitors play with Apple. I guess the Hawk, if he were still alive, would say you just have to turn it off and on again, and see how it goes.
bad things – My wife does not believe me that the OLED is just a computer monitor and wants me to make it into a TEEVEE so we can do things like watch Meghan Markle get married, or worse. I say let’s go talk to the Geniuses, they probably know how to do that. My wife says I have a bad
personality disorder. 
good things – I got a Skull shaver for my birthday so I do not have to go to a salon, or even worse a barber with a
motorcycle display in the window.
bad things – my commute to work is 75 minutes now.
good things – I listen to Siddartha Muhkerjee Gene and David Deutsch Infinity on audible and Greg Proops – Smartest Man in the World podcast, so the time goes faster. 
bad things – sometimes after about 30 minutes of Audible I start to get sleepy while driving and I have to change
to the local Alternative Rock radio station and instead of Weezer covering Toto’s Africa or the latest from Imagine Dragons, I have to listen to some woman testify about the uncommon virtue of laser hair removal to bolster her self esteem prior to being invited to a fictional summer pool party. I don’t think rob or honey ever did laser hair removal, and they were super technical geeky geeks, so I am probably sympathetic to their side.

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