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More Reversing the Biosphere


Zoe Corbyn, 18 Feb 2018, The Guardian, Interview George Church:’Genome sequencing is like the internet back in the late 1980’s.’, here.

A new genetic testing company called Nebula Genomics wants to help people profit from their own genomes. The Observer talks to Harvard University DNA sequencing pioneer George Church about his latest venture, what’s cooking in his lab and how falling asleep on the job can sometimes be a godsend.

Sarah C.P. Williams, 13 Feb, Medical Press, Scientists develop low-cost way to build gene sequences, here.

A new technique pioneered by UCLA researchers could enable scientists in any typical biochemistry laboratory to make their own gene sequences for only about $2 per gene. Researchers now generally buy gene sequences from commercial vendors for $50 to $100 per gene.

Josh Tycko,, nature|methods, The Expanding CRISPR toolbox, here.

The CRISPR–Cas9 genome-editing system has taken the world of biomedical science by storm. Initially, researchers used nuclease-active CRISPR–Cas9 to knock out or replace genes through either disruptive or precise genome edits. The CRISPR toolbox expanded with the development of nuclease-inactive dCas9, which recruits protein effectors that modulate gene expression, often by writing or removing epigenetic marks on DNA and histones. Most recently, base editors have increased the efficiency of CRISPR-targeted base substitutions for both precision editing and localized sequence diversification. This expanding toolbox has enabled site-specific genetic and epigenetic manipulation in a wide array of organisms.


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