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Gregory Lento, Intel, Sep 2014, White Paper, Optimizing Performance with Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, here. I knew I wasn’t gonna get the turbo clock frequency, didn’t know I was gonna get downshifted to 1.9GHz, feh.

Because Intel AVX instructions generally consume more power, frequency reductions can occur to keep the processor operating within TDP limits. Intel is including additionalAVX base and turbo frequency specifications to provide more clarity for these Intel AVXinstructions. Performance of workloads optimized for Intel AVX instructions can be significantly greater than workloads that do not use Intel AVX instructions even when the processor is operating at a slightly lower frequency (see Figure 1).


As shown in Figure 2, Intel expects the following results:6

• WorkloadsusingIntelAVXinstructions may reduce processor frequency as
far down as the AVX base frequency
to stay within TDP limits.

• Some workloads that utilize Intel AVX instructions could achieve a turbo frequency above the AVX base frequency up to AVX max all core turbo.

• Workloads that contain no Intel AVX instructions could operate at the marked TDP frequency up to the max all core turbo frequency (non-AVX).

Workloads that utilize a very high percentage of Intel AVX2 instructions may operate closer to the AVX base frequency.BecauseIntelAVX2 doubles the number of FLOPS per clock, workloads that utilize a high percentage of Intel AVX2 instructions should stillsee a significant performance increasecompared to workloads that use

Intel AVX instructions running at the marked TDP frequency on previous generation processors (see Figure 3).


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