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Pink Iguana will remain primarily a floating point curation site, I will target the links in the blog to the topics listed in the tabs:

  • App PBC – R&D links for the specific Princeton Bank Consortium Applications
  • BigData – Databases, DB hardware, and Data sources for PBC Apps
  • Code – Architecture/Code/Programming links for Compilers and Optimizers
  • EcoFin – Economics and Finance ex quantitative modeling
  • FinQuant – Security cashflow, valuation, and risk models w explanatories
  • FinTech – PBC applications in Fin Tech
  • Infra – PBC Application infrastructure – hardware and software
  • Markets – Primary and Secondary markets and market structure, inc ALM products.
  • Math – Math, algorithms, and CS Theory references and links.
  • Misc. – Project Ideas
  • News – General purpose news links ex Tech, Math and Finance.
  • Tech – General Tech links and research outlets.

Each tab will have links and a bibliography when appropriate. We will use the Blog as a log of our reading and distill the links and information found to be a lasting value in the tabs. The Princeton Bank Consortium will be the production front end for the PBC Applications.


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