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Missed It… By That Much


Donal Byrne, Tabb Forum, Rethinking Speed in Financial Markets, Part 4: The Need for Machine-Time Data, here. He said/wrote microseconds, … Funny. And the Corvil guys are reasonable for the most part in my experience. It is like Dr. Evil asking for 1 million dollars ransom for not destroying the world in 2000 something. I think the clock frequency is written in the computer box, no? You would think calling it a microprocessor CLOCK  would be a hint, but I guess you can never be sure.

A machine world is different. Machines act much faster than humans. Their idea of real time is much closer to a microsecond. Roughly a million times faster. I refer to this as “machine real time” or “machine time” for short. We define machine time as the time within which a machine can act or make a decision. We therefore need a machine-time watch for a machine-time world.


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