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Richard Fairbank


Wikipedia, Richard Fairbank, here.

Fairbank received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stanford University in 1972, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1981, where he graduated first in his class, as well as receiving the Excellence in Leadership award from the University in 2006.[5]

NYT, here. Big question did he or his dad know Bellman or Shapiro?

Nigel Morris, here.

Previously, Nigel co-founded Capital One Financial Services in 1994. Under Nigel’s leadership, Capital One pioneered an information-based strategy that fundamentally transformed the consumer lending industry. Combining advanced statistical marketing techniques with nascent information technologies, the company reduced costs to conventional borrowers, extended capital to overlooked consumers, expanded internationally, and produced extraordinary returns for investors.

During Nigel’s ten-year tenure, Capital One’s net income after taxes (NIAT) grew at a compound annual rate of more than 32%. Over this same decade, earnings per share growth and return on equity both exceeded 20% per year, a financial performance attained by only a handful of American companies. Upon his retirement in 2004, Capital One’s 15,000 employees across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom managed over $80 billion of loans for 50 million customers. Generating over $1.5 billion in earnings, Capital One had successfully transitioned from an emerging start-up into an established public company valued at over $20 billion.

William Martin Fairbank Sr, National Academy of Sciences, here.

one of the most innovative low- temperature experimental physicists of the twentieth century. His pioneering experiments on properties of the quantum uids liquid He and 4He with graduate students at duke University and on properties and applications of superconductors with graduate students and colleagues at stanford have been a source of inspiration for many scien- tists, who in subsequent decades extended and re ned their results. especially striking among his investigations at duke were his measurement of the nuclear susceptibility of liquid


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