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Intel Broadwell Rollout Complete


Timothy Prickett Morgan, THENEXTPLATFORM, Intel Broadwell Rollout Complete with XEON E5 Quads, here.  I will keep Pink I for general FinQuant references so Princeton Bank Consortium can focus purely on Net Interest Margin modeling, simulation, optimization, and explanatories. I think the target for PBC will be versions of the development software in git and interpretation of the NIM data in the PBC blog. a short term goal would be to make the Princeton Bank Consortium relate to NIM forecasting the way the Princeton Election Consortium relates to election forecasting. Pink I will track the microprocessors, compilers,  and generic Finance traffic needed to get the context for PBC. I doubt many people want to know about NIM but even fewer still want to know about the different ways you could forecast NIM.

The E5-4600 processors, which have just been updated to the “Broadwell” cores and their 14 nanometer processes, are meant to allow for more affordable and more dense four-socket Xeon systems than is possible with the E7-4800 chips, which do not use normal memory sticks but, like other high-end machines with large memory capacity, have buffer chips interspersed between the memory controller on the processor and the DRAM on the DIMMs. The bandwidth between the sockets is lower on the E5-4600 than it is on the E7-4800, with the former having only two QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) ports per socket compared to three QPI ports for the later.


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