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Reversing the Biosphere


James D. Miller, Business Insider, Genetically enhancing our children could raise interest rates, here. Wet meat optimization vs computer optimization. Economically the meat/DNA optimization happens either domestically or otherwise. The domestic hand will be forced by simple economics. If you don’t do it your adversary will and that leaves you undefended.  It pretty much has to be a done deal already if Economists are figuring it out, writing about it in Business Insider, and talking their interest rate book. This is not like Gowers just figured something out and we all need to catch up.

Imagine it’s 2021 and fertility clinics successfully create babies that experts believe will grow up to have fifteen IQ points (one standard deviation) more than they would have without the clinics’ assistance. Experts further agree that within ten years clinics will be regularly adding another fifty IQ points to their clients’ progenies by which time the clinics will also be editing in other useful traits such as increased work ethic, disease resistance, and higher emotional intelligence. Most everyone thinks that these enhanced children eventually will become extremely productive workers who make the world vastly richer.

Governments would borrow more money in anticipation of future riches. Today, governments fear burdening future generations with too high of a debt to GDP ratio and worry that too much debt could cause lenders to question the fiscal feasibility of eventual repayment. But expectations of a much smarter and therefore richer tax base would alleviate both of these concerns and so, for every given level of interest rate, boost government borrowing.

Michio Kaku, big, Do you believe in the coming singularity? here. He wants to put an off switch in the post-singularity computers. Funny. I’d imagine if the singularity happens while we are figuring out DNA programming optimization – the computers are going to put the off switch, that Dr. Kaku just designed, in the DNA, no?  The computers can put the switch in any of the DNA code the meat scientists cannot parse. Seems to me you want to Reverse the Biosphere pretty, pretty quickly.

It reminds me of Strangelove’s Doomsday gap, here. So you figure out an off switch for like half the pigs that are genetically bred, with meat/DNA optimization. Then you tell your adversary that the singularity has happened and the computers are going to turn off half of the pigs e.g. people are next. Turn off the pigs and protect your new found advantage. When the singularity actually happens (later ) you will have some explaining to do to the computers, I would expect. The question of what constitutes an off-switch is interesting.


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