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Sparc M7


Robert Sheldon, Tech Target, As new systems launch, let’s look at the SPARC M7 processor, here. We could push NIMo on this. You are at 20 nm and you do not get SIMD  FP issue to multiple FMA execution units. You do get 32 cores  so there is a trade off. WE could make it go. Would like to see the FP specs and instruction set.

The SPARC M7 is a 4.1 GHz, 32-core, 256-thread processor, making it the fastest commercial chip in the world, according to Oracle. Those outside the company have yet to weigh in on this claim.

Oracle based the SPARC M7 on the S4 core design, a dual-issue, out-of-order core architecture that supports dynamic threading for up to eight hardware threads. The SPARC M7 combines four S4 cores into a core cluster, with each core having its own 16-KB L1 instruction and data cache. The processor is made up of eight core clusters, giving us 32 cores and 256 threads.

Database performance also plays a pivotal role in the SPARC M7 story, which is to be expected.


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