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Intel and Check in with Mary Meeker


Iain Tomson, The Register, Not two, not four, but 10 core in Intel’s new PC powerhouse, here.

Intel’s Xeon server chips have had 10 cores for a while now, but the Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition is the first PC system. The chip comes with a 25MB cache and runs at 3GHz, although that can be boosted up to 3.5GHz and Intel is unlocking the processor so overclockers can push for still higher speeds.

Tom Brant,, Report: Apple Chooses Intel for Next-GEn iPhone Chips, here.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said that future iPhones destined for use on the AT&T network and those of overseas carriers will use Intel chips. Other iPhone versions, including those for sale in China, will continue to use chips from rival Qualcomm.

The move makes sense for Apple as it seeks to diversify its supplier base amid a worldwide smartphone market that appears to be softening somewhat. It is also welcome news for Intel, which has several next-gen mobile chips in the pipeline but not as big a customer base as Qualcomm or Samsung.

Intel lost $4.21 billion on its mobile business in 2014, according to Forbes. The company announced in April that it would cut 12,000 jobs as it seeks to refocus its efforts on cloud computing. CEO Brian Krzanich said the company’s data center and Internet of things businesses are now its primary “growth engines.”

Michael Justin Allen Sexton, tom’s hardware, The History Of Intel CPU’s, here.

Josh Constintine,  Tech Crunch, Mary Meeker’s essential 2016 Internet Trends Report, here.

The fastest way to learn everything going on in tech is to read this report. Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker has become a legend for publishing these compilations of the most critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. From the funding climate to smartphone adoption to the tech giants to cutting-edge inventions, the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report has it all.
Below you’ll find the full 2016 report embedded. And here you can skim our collection of the best Meeker 2016 slides and what they mean.

Some highlights include:

The global internet adoption rate was flat year-over-year at 9%, reaching 3 billion users or 42% of the world’s population
Smartphone adoption’s growth is slowing, while Android increases marketshare despite a shrinking average selling price
Video viewership is exploding, with Snapchat and Facebook Live showing the way, though video ads aren’t always effective
Messaging is dominated by Facebook and WeChat, it’s growing rapidly, and evolving from simple text communication to become our new home screen with options for vivid self-expression and commerce
US advertising is growing, with Google and Facebook controlling 76% of the market and rising, but advertisers still spend too much on legacy media rather than new media where the audience has shifted
Meeker predicts the rise of voice interfaces because they’re fast, easy, personalized, hands-free, and cheap, with Google on Android now seeing 20% of searches from voice, and Amazon Echo sales growing as iPhone sales slow
The USA could become the home of the auto industry again thanks to innovation from Tesla and Google despite US auto sales slipping since 1950, though car ownership will fall as Uber/UberPool sharing becomes mainstream
China’s internet trends look better than the US, while internet giants around the world continue to grow more powerful
Non-tech giants are acquiring tech companies to fuel growth and transition to digital as data becomes the next big platform thanks to so many devices capturing it




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