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AVX3.2 in GaN?


Sean Gallagher, ars technica, A reprieve for Moore’s Law: milspec chip write computing’s next chapter, here. Gets me 5x in clock (15GHz???) and 2x from widening AVX path. DK about the power so much – run it in Canada or Alaska next to a river with a hydro dam. unless I have to do HFT.

The reason Raytheon and other semiconductor manufacturers have put so much effort into gallium nitride is the semiconductor’s unique attributes. GaN is what is known as a “wide band gap” semiconductor. It can be used in devices that operate at much higher voltages, temperatures, and frequencies than other semiconductors. As a result, GaN chips are more power-efficient, and they have a longer life than other semiconductor chips because of their heat tolerance. Those characteristics are a trifecta for military applications.


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