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References – Why isn’t Banking Cheaper?


Donald MacKenzie, London Review of Books, Must do better, here. The deal is, if MacKenzie writes it, we read it, here. Sounds like a book is coming – The Chains of Finance. All this material appears to be behind a paywall. Track this stuff down.

The related book that might be interesting is on the topic of Automating Banking. The Trading book has been undergoing automation since the 1960s. The Banking Book is just  starting to be automated. Payments  are going to be automated  soon if you ascribe to the theory that Blythe Masters  always moves toward the money faster than other folks.  Need a working name for the book – A Modern History of Cash Register Theory, Theory of Cash Registers… See if I can get the acronym for the book to be tl:dr or tl:cr (too long couldn’t read). thinking… Theory of Large Cash Registers and make it a tight 100 pages like K&R.




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