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Multiple Regression Analysis and Intel Chipsets


Edge, The Crusade Against Multiple Regression Analysis, Conversation with Richard Nisbett, here.

A huge range of science projects are done with multiple regression analysis. The results are often somewhere between meaningless and quite damaging. …

I hope that in the future, if I’m successful in communicating with people about this, that there’ll be a kind of upfront warning in New York Times articles: These data are based on multiple regression analysis. This would be a sign that you probably shouldn’t read the article because you’re quite likely to get non-information or misinformation

Michael Justin Allen Sexton, tom’s Hardware, Why Intel Created The C232 And C236 Workstation Chipsets, here.

The LGA 1151 Xeon CPUs are not aimed at consumers, and are meant for businesses, data centers and embedded markets where reliability and availability are essential. Xeon CPUs are tested to last longer than their Intel Core counterparts, and Intel runs a number of server operating systems on them as well to ensure that they can reliably handle different workloads.

To pair with these Xeon CPUs, the C232 and C236 chipsets are tested to last longer than Z170, and the workstation chipsets also have embedded options. Embedded devices in data centers are typically used for extended periods of time, and Intel wanted to ensure that its Skylake Xeon chips were up to the challenge.

Muhammad, TechWorm,Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X could be the world’s first 10-core desktop consumer processor, here. 3 GHz gack.

Core i7-6950X will have a total of 10 cores and 20 threads and each core will have a base clock speed of 3.00GHz, with a 3.50GHz boost clock. In case you were wondering, the processor has an unlocked multiplier and will have a TDP of 140W. We can expect that the processor is going to be unveiled during Computex 2016.


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