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Guide to Everything and FinTech Deals


Bob Bryan, Business Insider, JPMorgan’s complete guide to everything going on in global markets right now, here.

The Federal Reserve also lifted off from 0% interest rates for the first time in 7 years while most other central banks have been maintaining incredibly low rates.

There were also worries over the high yield credit market and fears of a stumble in China once gain.

JPMorgan Asset Management’s David Kelly and team have surveyed the economic landscape and released their first-quarter presentation outlining the state of the markets and more.

Jonathan Marino, Business Insider, Big banks are joining forces with the firms that were supposed to be disrupting them, here. FinTech NIMo folks.

Wall Street institutions like Citigroup, JPMorgan, and Barclays are partnering with startups that, in many cases, set out to disrupt the banks they are now colloborating with.

The student-loan-refinancing specialist CommonBond on Tuesday announced the closing of separate $275 million warehouse lines of funding from Macquarie Capital, Barclays, and other investors.


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