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A Little More on the Graph Isomorphism Algorithm


Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

Looking at some of its components


Laci Babai’s first talk a week ago Tuesday is now a webcast here. There is also a great detailed description of his talk by Jeremy Kun, including background on the problem and how the proof builds on Eugene Luks’s approach.

Today we talk some more about ingredients of Laci’s algorithm.

He has one more scheduled talk this coming Tuesday on its key vehicle of progress: Either the current graph (and associated groups) in the recursion can be split up for divide-and-conquer, or it embeds a special kind of graph named for Selmer Johnson that can be handled specially. This strikes us as following another Chicago idea—the Geometric Complexity Theory programme of Ketan Mulmuley and Milind Sohoni—of looking for objects that obstruct the progress of algorithms; this post by Joshua Grochow discusses an example for matrix multiplication.

Rather than try to anticipate these further…

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