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Crypto Tech for RevBio


Spiegel, Prying Eyes: Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security, here.  I bet there is no or very limited crypto in reversing cell division but the technology you want for RevBio is very much like NSA’s.  There is almost certainly some ECC in mitosis which is sort of a odd concept, wonder what it is?

In Germany, concern about the need for strong encryption goes right up to the highest levels of the government. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her cabinet now communicate using phones incorporating strong encryption. The government has also encouraged members of the German public to take steps to protect their own communication. Michael Hange, the president of the Federal Office for Information Security, has stated: “We suggest cryptography — that is, consistent encryption.”

It’s a suggestion unlikely to please some intelligence agencies. After all, the Five Eyes alliance — the secret services of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States — pursue a clear goal: removing the encryption of others on the Internet wherever possible. In 2013, the NSA had a budget of more than $10 billion. According to the US intelligence budget for 2013, the money allocated for the NSA department called Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services (CES) alone was $34.3 million.

Last year, the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica reported on the contents of a 2010 presentation on the NSA’s BULLRUN decryption program, but left out many specific vulnerabilities. The presentation states that, “for the past decade, NSA has led an aggressive, multipronged effort to break widely used Internet encryption technologies,” and “vast amounts of encrypted Internet data which have up till now been discarded are now exploitable.” Decryption, it turns out, works retroactively – once a system is broken, the agencies can look back in time in their databases and read stuff they could not read before.


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