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We are the Knights who code Ni!


Simon Sharwood, The Register, We are the Knights who code Ni!, here. So he named his new programming language after a group most famous for impeding progress. I am calling shenanigans, First! Ni has a code optimizer, you know,… it’s called I’m not dead yet. Wow, Simon Sharwood’s editor got Rick Rolled.

But that’s not the only reason software development and motor boat enthusiast Göran Krampe has announced a new programming language called “Ni”.

The Knights Who Say Ni are one inspiration for the language. Smalltalk, Rebol, Forth, Lisp, Self and Nim are others.

Krampe says he admires Smalltalk because it offers “Easy readable keyword syntax, everything is an expression etc, [which] gives great power in expressing code. He’s also fond of features like “closures and non local return for control structures” and admires the fact that its “… object model is easy to reason about and picture mentally, doesn’t get in your way.”

“In making Ni,” he writes, “I am striving to cover these bases and some of the fundamental pieces are there already, like closures and non local return.”



  1. The article on TheRegister is quite silly, because its just a series of copied quotes from my blog article, and I didn’t know about it until someone pointed me to it. But the language is real, and it is called Ni. No, the knights weren’t “an inspiration”, no idea where Simon got that from. But I like Monty Python.

    Göran Krampe, author of Ni

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