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We Say Branches And You Say Choices

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Oded Green, Marat Dukhan, and Richard Vuduc are researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology—my home institution. They recently presented a paper at the Federated Conference titled, “Branch-Avoiding Graph Algorithms.”

Today Ken and I would like to discuss their interesting paper, and connect it to quite deep work that arises in computational logic.

As a co-inventor of the Federated type meeting—see this for the story—I have curiously only gone to about half of them. One of the goals of these meetings is to get diverse researchers to talk to each other. One of the obstacles is that the language is often different. Researchers often call the same abstract concept by different names. One of my favorite examples was between “breadth-first search” and “garbage collection”—see the story here.

Another deeper reason is that they may be studying concepts that are related but not identical. We will study such an example today…

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