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Check in with Sergy Aleynikov


Brendan Pierson, Reuters, Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer faces 2nd US trial on suspicion of stealing code, here. HFT Erlang code round 2. Is it an April fools joke? How can you steal something no sane person could ever want, e.g., High Frequency Erlang code. it’s like allegedly stealing skunk-perfume, an STD, and ugly lawn ornaments all at the same time. There is some missing information here. The world typically doesn’t run this stupid. Get Michael Lewis on the case STAT  and we will use the Maxeler FPGA supercomputer to crunch the probabilities.

A former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. computer programmer charged with stealing code from the investment bank is scheduled to go on trial on Wednesday, the second time in five years he will be in front of a jury for essentially the same accusations.

The trial for Sergey Aleynikov, 45, is scheduled to take place in Manhattan state court over a 2009 episode in which Goldman says he stole the computer code as he prepared to leave for a high-frequency trading startup.


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