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100 TFLOPS cost


Quora, How would I estimate the cost of setting up a 100 TeraFLOP server at my home? here. Finding NIMo will run like twenty  minutes on a 100 TFLOPS box, We could do this on a 1 TFLOP Knights Landing Phi and just run for  several hours on my desk top. Costs $7K to get the BN USD pop in revenue with NIMo capital allocation.  Talk to Intel.  Can I get a Phi connected to a Mac Pro cylinder ashtray next to my FIOS router.

Xeon Phi, 1TFlop a card.
SuperMicro Blade servers

Tulip Trading – Top 500
Tulip Trading | TOP500 Supercomputer Sites

You are looking at a rack.
90 Blades with 90 Phi cards will do.
Supermicro : SuperBlade

All up, under $700,000 USD.

Buy 1500 cards as we did and it is far less per TF

Ryan Smith, Anand Tech, Intel’s Xeon Phi: After Knights Landing Comes Knights Hill, here.  Hill looks like the right time frame for FN. Intel wants apps for KL and KH. KL could be 3 TFLOPS – runs Finding NIMo tests in 2000 seconds. And Intel wants to compete with NVIDIA GPU.

Meanwhile Intel also used this occasion to announce the next generation of Xeon Phi. Dubbed Knights Hill, it will be built on Intel’s forthcoming 10nm process technology. Like Intel’s early announcement of Knights Landing, they aren’t discussing the part in any more detail, though they have mentioned that it will use the next generation of their Omni-Path interconnect architecture. Given the use of 10nm and the timing of the Knights Landing launch, this is likely a 2017+ part.

Phi Rack, AMAX, here. gonna Find NIMO in single precision, if possible. Super micro 4U tower, here.

Features and Benefits
Supports up to two double-width Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards with passive heatsinks
Delivers up to 122 Cores, 2+ Teraflops Double Precision Performance & 32GB coprocessor memory
Supports dual socket enterprise class Intel® Xeon® E5-family processors with TDP 135W Max
High End I/O capacity & flexibility, with more than 80 PCIe Gen 3 lanes


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