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Dell Skylake 2H2015


Agam Shah, PC World, Dell skips Broadwell with some laptops, plans for Skylake, here. You know, you could just put the Dell Skylake laptops in a COLO rack. The AVX3.2 code is going to be 4x better floating point peak than the tuned crappy old Sandy Bridge server code, which few seem to puzzle out in the firstplace. The wired bandwidth might be  problematic since these are laptop boards. Maybe get Michael Lewis and Brad Katsuyama on board with wireless Colo exchange access. It’s really the only fair way to trade for the little guy.

Wire-free computing could be around the corner, with Dell planning to release laptops based on Intel’s Skylake chips in the second half of the year.

Intel believes that Skylake, the latest in its Core series, is the most significant processor it has released in the last decade. It’s based on a new circuit design and promises significant increases in performance, battery life and power efficiency.


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