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Broadwell CES 2015 announcement


Neil McAllister, The Register, Intel touts tardy Broadwell Core CPUs for laptops, PCs, here. Looking for my Skylake samples, 14nm AVX3.2, woof.

The Broadwell-U line will come in the familiar Core i3, i5, and i7 designations, including ten 15-watt parts with onboard Intel HD Graphics and four 28W parts with the higher-end Intel Iris Graphics. The chips announced at CES are all dual-core models, with each core able to run two separate processing threads.

The move to 14nm means Broadwell chips are both smaller and more efficient than the previous-generation “Haswell” processors. A Broadwell Core i7 sits on a die that’s 37 per cent smaller than that of the corresponding Haswell chip, while packing in 35 per cent more transistors.

oh, look

But there’s also the matter of “Skylake,” Broadwell’s successor, which will bring even further improvements over the current-generation 14nm chips. At the 2014 Intel Developer Forum, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said the first Skylake parts were on track to ship in the first quarter of 2015.

That should be enough to give many OEMs pause, because while Broadwell is a pin-compatible replacement for Haswell, Skylake will come in a new package that will require additional engineering from device makers. Some analysts believe many manufacturers, particularly makers of desktop PCs, may choose to skip Broadwell-U and hold out for Skylake.

But with rumors surfacing that Intel may be slowing down its Skylake release schedule to give Broadwell a bit of breathing room, it’s hard to say just how big of a splash Intel’s latest processor tech will make.


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