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Parallel Computing


Todd Hoff, High Scalability, Linus: The Whole “Parallel Computing Is The Future” Is A Bunch Of Crock., here. Should not underestimate the need to do something that drive folks to write shitty parallel programs.

The whole “let’s parallelize” thing is a huge waste of everybody’s time. There’s this huge body of “knowledge” that parallel is somehow more efficient, and that whole huge body is pure and utter garbage. Big caches are efficient. Parallel stupid small cores without caches are horrible unless you have a very specific load that is hugely regular (ie graphics).

Nobody is ever going to go backwards from where we are today. Those complex OoO [Out-of-order execution] cores aren’t going away. Scaling isn’t going to continue forever, and people want mobility, so the crazies talking about scaling to hundreds of cores are just that – crazy. Why give them an ounce of credibility?


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