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Efficient Frontier and Skylake on track for 2015


Cliff Asness, AQR, Efficient Frontier “Theory” for the Long Run, here.

Financial theory has taken a lot of abuse recently, specifically some of the basic tenets of modern portfolio theory. Some of it we at AQR aid and abet (just two examples: markets are good but not perfect, and risk balancing beats capitalization weighting). But a fair chunk of the abuse comes from our industry’s collective tendency to judge ideas over relatively short periods, even if — or precisely because — short periods often feel like long periods. Thus, it’s important to occasionally step back and note that when examined properly, the very basics hold up better than many think or sometimes casually assert.

Joel Hruska, ExtremeTech, Intel roadmap update: Skylake on track for 2015, will debut alongside Broadwell-K, here.

New instruction sets: Skylake is expected to include the updated form of AVX with support for 512-bit registers (AVX 3.2/512F), along with specialized instructions for executing SHA-1 and SHA-2 securely. Intel MPX (Memory Protection Extensions) and Intel ADX (Multi-Precision Add-Carry Instruction Extensions) are also expected with Skylake.


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