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A Conversation with William Kahan


Jack Woehr, Dr. Dobbs, How Important is Numerical Accuracy? here. I guess FaceBook and Amazon are the only computations that matter. Rough realization for a Turing Award winner for numerical computation.

WK: Most numerical computation doesn’t matter. I know that sounds perverse, but in my experience, looking over the shoulders of other people, at least nine-tenths of what they compute gets thrown away, much of it without ever being looked at. They have only to get a glimpse of something to realize they never should have computed it in the first place.

An awful lot of what people compute numerically is a response to a “what-if” sort of question. Long before you get much of your answer, you realize it was a silly question.

Cory Doctorow, boingboing, CPU Wars 2.0: expanded top trumps with processors, here.

Harry writes, “Ever since launching CPU WARS Volume 1.0 people had been asking me for more CPUs and gameplay. After a lot of work and research we have finally done it! CPU WARS Volume 2.0 – The Battle of the Servers has now launched!


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