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NSF Supercomputing


TIffany Trader, HPCWire, Report Assesses NSF Supercomputing, here. If you can build your rack warehouse in northern Canada or Alaska near a river for power you are out of the game. If you are located near the equator and need low latency supercomputer access you are out of luck. LL supercomputing moves north.

A new report calls into question the National Science Foundation’s ability to continue its leadership position as a provider of advanced computing resources.

At the behest of the National Science Foundation, a National Research Council committee carried out a study examining the priorities and associated trade-offs for advanced computing in support of NSF-sponsored science and engineering research. The resulting interim report – Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure to Support U.S. Science and Engineering in 2017-2020 – takes a candid look at an agency struggling to keep pace with growing demand given the high procurement costs and shrinking NSF resources.


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