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Ryan Smith, Anand Tech, IDF 2014: Intel Demonstrates Skylake, Due H2’2015, here.  Probably want some Skylake and ICC prerelease to get app software in place for the release.  If you are running Westmere in prod, don’t worry there are plenty of kick ass apps running on chips released in 2010. Moore’s Law isn’t uniformly enforced so it’s OK.

Intel’s Tick-Tock Cadence
Microarchitecture Process Node Tick or Tock Release Year
Conroe/Merom 65nm Tock 2006
Penryn 45nm Tick 2007
Nehalem 45nm Tock 2008
Westmere 32nm Tick 2010
Sandy Bridge 32nm Tock 2011
Ivy Bridge 22nm Tick 2012
Haswell 22nm Tock 2013
Broadwell 14nm Tick 2014
Skylake 14nm Tock 2015


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