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Intel pumps code renovation show – This Old Code


Nicole Hemsoth, HPCWire, New Degrees of Parallelism, Old Programming Planes, here. Intel pumping vectorization. 

Exploiting the capabilities of HPC hardware is now more a matter of pushing into deeper levels of parallelism versus adding more cores or overclocking. What this means is that the time is right for a revolution in programming. The question is whether that revolution should be one that torches the landscape or that handles things “diplomatically” with the existing infrastructure.

While some argue for a “rip and replace” approach to rethinking code for the new era of computational capability, others, including Intel’s Director of Software, James Reinders, are advocating approaches that blend the old and new—that preserve the order of existing programming models while still permitting major leaps ahead for parallelism.

To these ends, Reinders described the latest release of Intel’s Parallel Studio XE 2015 for us this week, pointing to the addition of new explicit vector programming capabilities as well as the many features inside OpenMP 4.0., which is a significant part of the new release.

Living Stingy, Why “This Old House” is Evil, here. Of course if you have x86 code you can only run it on Intel processors so Bob Vila wouldn’t have the same problem.

This television program has done more to ruin the psyche of American homeowners than any one single thing. These two are indirectly responsible for the economic meltdown of 2009, I believe.


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