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Intel, An Introduction to Vectorization with the Intel C++ Compiler, here. Nice references and standard material. Links on the jump.

Additional Reading and Community A Guide to Vectorization with Intel® C++ Compilers, Mario Deilmann, Kiefer Kuah, Martyn Corden, Mark Sabahi, all from Intel.

Vectorization with the Intel® Compilers (Part 1), A.J.C Bik, Intel, Intel Software Network Knowledge base and search the title in the keyword search. This article offers good bibliographical references.

The Software Vectorization Handbook. Applying Multimedia Extensions for Maximum Performance, A.J.C. Bik. Intel Press, June, 2004, for a detailed discussion of how to vectorize code using the Intel® compiler.

Vectorization: Writing C/C++ code in VECTOR Format, Mukkaysh Srivastav, Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) – Pune, India. Intel Software Network Knowledge base and search the title in the keyword search Intel® CilkTM Plus Introductory Information. Overviews, videos, getting started guide, documentation, white papers and a link to the community.

Elemental functions: Writing data parallel code in C/C++ using Intel® CilkTM Plus. Robert Geva, Intel Corporation Intel® C++ Composer XE documentation, Includes documentation for the Intel® C++ Compiler. Intel Software Network, Search for topics such as “Parallel Programming in the “Communities” menu or “Software Forums” or Knowledge Base in the “Forums and Support” menu.

Requirements for Vectorizable Loops, Martyn Corden, Intel Corporation The Software Optimization Cookbook, Second Edition, High-Performance Recipes for IA-32 Platforms by Richard Gerber, Aart J.C. Bik, Kevin B. Smith and Xinmin Tian, Intel Press.


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