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Code Modernization


Nicole Hemsoth, HPC Wire, Intel Gives Code Modernization Fresh Push, here.

Wuishpard reminds that this need for optimization and modernization isn’t just an issue for the large labs and academic centers to consider in a future roadmap sense. There are 10x-100x performance gains left on the table for a large swath of users who simply hopped from generation to generation with a single-core mindset and no real incentive to make the difficult software investments required. He points to a few innovative places where current and future work is being meshed to extract performance gains now through code modernization with an eye on how the systems of the future will further maximize these investments.

Paul Rowady, Tabb Forum, Parallelism: The High-Performance Imperative, here. is there data to back this up?

There is an insatiable appetite for performance in capital markets. Not just investment performance, but computational performance, as well – and more so with each passing day. Buy side, sell side, intermediary or vendor – and no matter the nature of the underlying strategies or mix of services – all of these firms will compete increasingly on output from high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. The ability to perform increasingly complex calculations on increasingly complex data flows, at higher update frequencies, is growing in today’s pantheon of competitive necessities. Navigating global markets no longer can be conducted with the low precision of overnight batch runs; it now demands the enhanced precision of intraday, near-real-time, and real-time calculations.


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