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The answer is either 0, 1, or on the board


Gasarch, Computational Complexity, The answer is either 0, 1, or on the board, here. Harold Shapiro would tell the class this rule, then ask a question, and the kid answers something like 55, then Shapiro would roll his eyes and make the kid go find a 55 on the board ( it was never there). It was like the Daily Show only 30 years earlier and a little more analytical.

I have heard (and later told people) that the in a math course if you don’t know the answer you should guess either 0 or 1 or something on the board. This works quite often.

Jacob Loveless, Tabb Forum, Defining High-Performance Infrastructure On Demand, here. The case for the alpha isn’t in the infrastructure anymore.

The realities of infrastructure are defined by three primary characteristics: security, reliability and performance. If you take infrastructure to the extreme in any of these directions, something else has to be sacrificed, explains Jacob Loveless, CEO, Lucera. While the mantra on Wall Street for the past 10 years has been “performance at all costs,” the advantages enjoyed by high-speed traders continue to diminish, he adds, and firms increasingly are focusing on the reliability of their infrastructure and minimizing operational risk as they expand into new asset classes and geographies. Loveless and TABB Group partner Alex Tabb discuss the need for infrastructure that will allow firms to experiment as they expand into new markets and products, the minimum infrastructure standards required by various market participants to explore new opportunities, and why on-demand infrastructure’s time finally has come.


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