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All Boats Rise


Thomas Soderstrom, tom’s Hardware, Intel Confirms Devil’s Canyon, Haswell-E, Broadwell Rumors, here. Upclocked i7-4790 will even help performance for the HFT/Sandy Bridge/ Windows 2003 Svr gateway folks. Nice.

An improved Thermal Interface Material (TIM) between the CPU core and heat spreader is set to improve thermal transfer in a new, enthusiast-class Haswell-based processor codenamed “Devil’s Canyon”. Intel didn’t name the processor model, but industry insiders tell us to expect this change will apply at least to the firm’s upcoming Core i7-4790. Without hazarding further guesses on model numbers, we’re trusting Intel’s stated intention of a mid-year launch.

Zerohedge, When Even Goldman Complains About HFT, here. It’s almost as bad as when NTT gets all “I told you so.” Can I get an Amen?

In an Op-Ed overnight, Goldman COO Gary Cohn reminds those who may have forgotten, that:

In the past year alone, multiple technology failures have occurred in the equities markets, with a severe impact on the markets’ ability to operate. Even though industry groups have met after the market disruptions to discuss responses, there has not been enough progress. Execution venues are decentralized and unable to agree on common rules. While an industry-based solution is preferable, some issues cannot be addressed by market forces alone and require a regulatory response. Innovation is critical to a healthy and competitive market structure, but not at the cost of introducing substantial risk.


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