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Colin Teichholtz, Pine River and David Ditzel update


Lee Olesky, Tabb Forum, Fixed Income: A Brave New World, here.

The fixed income business is undergoing greater change – in market structure, in how participants transact business, and in how risk is valued – than at any point in the past 20-plus years, says Colin Teichholtz, co-head of fixed income at Pine River Capital Management. According to Teichholtz, who explains that Pine River prefers to focus on relative value trades and mispriced securities rather than predicting the direction of the markets, all of the change, coupled with ongoing uncertainty about global economies and regulatory policies, will drive the return of volatility. Speaking with Lee Olesky, CEO, Tradeweb, in a special one-on-one armchair conversation at TabbFORUM’s 2014 fixed income conference, “Breaking Rates,” Teichholtz discusses the outlook for the rates market, the evolution of electronic workflows in the fixed income markets and its impact on the buy side/sell side relationship, the challenges posed by ongoing derivatives reform and mandatory SEF trading, evolving business models, the rise of high-frequency trading in fixed income, and, of course, the search for liquidity.

Rik Myslewski, The Register, Intel, Sun vet births fast, inexpensive 3D chip-stacking breakthrough, here.

A startup headed up by former Intel chip architect, Sun Sparc CTO, and Transmetacofounder David Ditzel has developed a way to allow communication in 3D stacked chips without the expense and fabrication hassles of creating physical connections between the layers.

ThruChip Communications‘ ThruChip Interface (TCI) uses inductive coils that communicate layer-to-layer rather than the physical metal wires used by through-silicon via (TSV) tech to link a 3D chip’s silicon layers.

TSVs are used, for example, in Micron’s Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) and Samsung’s vertically stacked NAND (V-NAND) chips, and are under intensive study by a number of chip designers and fabricators.



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