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Ivy Bridge Servers


Nicole Hemsoth, HPCWire, Intel Carves HPC Niche With Xeon E7 v2, here. If you are compute bound, as so much of Wall Street analytics is, the E7 is not so much for you. Who wants to use a lot of memory? It just puts bubbles in your execution pipeline. I don’t even put branches in my inner loops because I want to be unconditional.

As Intel’s Joe Curley told us today, “The E7s offer a ton of density in a node and this is indeed a great HPC story–as well as a great big data and enterprise story. Any type of application where you need a lot of memory and reliability and you’re doing a long set of calculations, that’s where the E7 set of products is going to do really well for you.” You end up with 120 cores in a node, 12 terabytes of memory maximum, you can fit a lot of density and compute there and there are HPC and many other workloads that this will be ideal for.”


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