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Ticker Plant Protocol Converter & SOR


John D’Antona, Securities Technology Monitor, Redline Release Ticker Plant Protocol Converter,  here.

Redline Trading Solutions announced the release of a new high-performance protocol converter bridging its InRush3 market data ticker plant to OpenMAMA – based trading applications.

The protocol converter allows applications within the MAMA system to now seamlessly interact with the ticker plant without requiring a rewrite of the MAMA applications.

Redline, InRush3, here.

Full-depth book updates in less than 1.2 microseconds

Turn up the volume on ultra-low latency

Timely access to market data and trade execution are critical to the success of a growing number of trading applications. With the majority of today’s equities, options, futures, and FX markets, it’s imperative that your algorithms react faster than your competition to changing market conditions.

Millennium SOR, Millennium IT Ltd., 2011, here. 10K order/sec  100 mic latency SOR.

OpenMAMA, Linus Foundation, here.

OpenMAMA Steering Committee


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