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Raj Hazra, Intel


Raj Hazra, Intel, HPC Wire, here.

HPCwire: As you look down the road at 2014 and beyond, what rends do you see developing that are worth taking note of?

Raj Hazra: There are a few worth consideration:

  • Heterogeneous computing becomes the next step, not a detour – not just in high-end, but mainstream HPC. The combination of the Xeon processor, Xeon Phi co-processors, and the common programming model supported by them will expand its impact across of all HPC by delivering the desired performance/W requirements, while, at the same time, enabling developers to maintain programming flexibility, performance and efficiency.
  • Big Data transforms HPC; First real business value propositions from use of analytics beyond niche using HPC. HPC will expand beyond the existing, well-established frontiers to tackle new challenges (workloads) such as big data and enable the transformation of data into high-value knowledge.
  • Domain optimized HPC Clouds – the promise of HPC with the value of the cloud model. The powerful economic forces of the cloud model along with its lack of ability to address traditional HPC workload requirements will accelerate the development of domain optimized HPC cloud solutions, thereby transforming industry models for capital planning, software development & delivery, security, scalability, and redundancy.
  • Integration – driving fundamental changes in system architecture:Integration of the right features into silicon will reduce power, reduce costs by eliminating chips, increase performance by having components closer together, increase scalability by being able to abstract multiple integrated features under one set of libraries, and enable unprecedented level of innovation by providing very dense computing solutions. Intel, with its leadership in process technology, is in a unique position to drive this change.
  • Everyone wants their own – renewed interest across the geos in not just investing in “having” the best of class, but also in “making” that best of class: While each of the geos have their own motivations, the common goal across them is to not just field world class systems, but innovate and develop their own homegrown technologies (CPU, fabric, software) to power these world class systems – with HPC being the targeted beachhead segment. Interesting times ahead.

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