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Intel Broadwell Q3 2014 est., Algo Fine, FVA Reporting


Anton Shilov, Xbit, Intel May Introduce First “Broadwell” Chips in Q3 – Report, here.14nm AVX2. Skylake  may roll to AVX3.

When Intel Corp. last quarter said that it would delay mass production of the next-generation code-named Broadwell microprocessors, it was expected that the new chips will become available only in late 2014. However, a new piece of information indicates that the world’s largest chipmaker may start to roll-out Broadwell chips as early as in the third quarter of 2014.

Nasdaq OMX, finextra, Nasdaq OMX fines ABN Amro for algo blunder, here.

On the morning of August 28, 2013 the SEB A share opened significantly lower than the previous day, and the Exchange subsequently decided to cancel all trades that had taken place in the opening cross.

A contributing factor to the incident was that ABN deleted a number of orders a short time before the opening. The order deletions were initiated by an algorithm used by Algorithmic Trading Group (ATG), a sponsored access client acting through ABN Amro. Said algorithm registered, amended and cancelled the orders in a manner that would never make the orders eligible for execution in the auctions. The orders were automatically amended or cancelled as soon as the limit price would equal or cross the equilibrium price of the order book. An order that is not possible to execute is not to be considered to represent true liquidity and does not constitute a genuine order. It also lacks commercial purpose.

Zerohedge, The Biggest Surprize In Today’s JPM Earnings Report, here.

The punchline: “For the first time this quarter, we were able to clearly observe the existence of funding costs in market clearing levels

For those not familiar with FVA, here is a refresher from Risk:


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