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Retail NOLO Trading


Google Maps, Northern New Jersey Malls close to Colos, here. I like this idea of providing retail domestic equity trading access to ALGO/SOR E-Trading strategies  that under certain circumstances have preferred location characteristics over simple colocated servers at the exchanges. This google map has the location of shopping malls located around the Weehawken Colo. The Hudson Mall, Garden State Plaza, or the Newport Center Mall are  reasonably equidistant between Carteret, Weehawken, and Mahwah, You can wire them up with fiber, you don’t even need the weather balloons (or the riverboat). The idea is to provide domestic equity execution services through the Mall’s Wifi to retail investors looking for an edge over Colocated High Frequency Traders. There will be circumstances through the course of the trading day that for a short period of time an arbitrage window will be exclusively observable and available at the Garden State Plaza, for example, that is not yet observed by any of the colocated servers. When this happens, if you have the right applications running on your mobile device you will get an electronic notification and have the opportunity to print the profitable trades. Checkmate, High Frequency Traders – read Wissner-Gross. The cost of providing this service is not large, you could even consider rebate schemes to promote the retail liquidity flow. Who might be interested in underwriting the costs? Maybe the Modern Markets Initiative folks, right? What better way to make your ALGO/SOR trading public relations point than by opening it all up to retail investors.How much P&L can they possibly lose? Democratize ALGO/SOR trading by providing free iPhone/iPad/Android applications that implement the legal trading strategies outlined by Haim Bodek and folks can execute at select New Jersey malls. Not getting the executions you like at the Hudson Mall go try the Newport Center Mall, the parking is free and there is an Olive Garden right there if you get hungry. The Whale app will text you or call you on the phone when they detect a whale moving the market with an order, Carpe Diem. You don’t really even need a brick and mortar physical presence in the mall, just trade in the food court next to the Sweaty Betty over the WIFI links connected to Modern Market Initiative fiber cross links, or use Rizm. The mobile apps will hook the investor up to their Schwab or Fidelity accounts so their trades can be cleared and margined. Get the Kensho folks (or Bloomberg) to do the market data. If we all work together, we can eliminate (or at least reduce) HFT arbitrage in our lifetime (in Northeastern New Jersey).


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