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Algorithmic Trading on Edison over Edison


Jim Edwards, BI, Intel Has a Full-Powered Computer The Size of a Golf Ball, here. RF folks said you needed the payload to be under 6 pounds if you were to launch an ALGO trading computer attached to a  weather balloon. I assume most of the weight is devoted to batteries, although maybe you can do something with solar panels on top of the balloon.  I think the requirement was centered on the possibility of the payload going though a jet turbine. Well here you go, strap some mil spec Edision golfballs with an RF antenna, battery, and a bunch of solar panels to a weather balloon floating over East Orange, Hackensack, or Elizabeth and you have a starter DynaPie trading system. Looking at the map it is not out of the question using a DynaPie boat on the Hackensack River. A boat can hold a lot of golf balls  and batteries. Maybe you trade on the riverboats and pull the market data from the weather balloons. While you are at it, let retail investors buy tickets to ride the DynaPie riverboat (The NOLO Queen leaves from the Wall Street pier at 8:02, returns 5:30, right?) and day trade off their phones using weather balloon order book data. Provide the iPhone ALGOs through free Apps available on iTunes. Stop me if I am going too fast.  Checkmate, High Frequency Traders.

Sort of too bad you can’t run Edison over Edison (maybe for trading via Aurora), but I don’t think the latency windows work out to the NJ Colos. Maybe do your first DynaPie trade over Edison – like throwing the ceremonial first pitch in baseball.

But Krzanich described Edison as a “full, Pentium-class PC in the form-factor of an SD card. That’s all the space you need,” he said.

It runs Linux as its operating system, handles WiFi, has an internal platform that can handle an app store, uses ultra-low power, and comes with Wolfram Language and Mathematic on board, he said. It will launch in mid-2014.

Then Krzanich held the thing up so the audience could see it — it was a cube about the size of a golf ball.


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