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Marc Snir, Argonne, Supercomputing: Technical Evolution & Programming Models, here. SPAA 2013 keynote presentation. Detailed examination/outline of why CMOS production ends at 7nm and what options are available. Interesting observation that only Intel and Samsung are capable of developing and shipping products under 22 nm feature size. Love the Rutherford quote “All science is either physics or stamp collecting.”

24. Do We Care? §  It’s  all  about  Big  Data  Now,  simula.ons  are  passé.   §  B***t   §  All  science  is  either  physics  or  stamp  collecting.  (Ernest   Rutherford)   –  In  Physical  Sciences,  experiments  and  observa.ons  exist  to   validate/refute/mo.vate  theory.  “Data  Mining”  not  driven  by  a   scien.fic  hypothesis  is  “stamp  collec.on”.   §  Simula.on  is  needed  to  go  from  a  model  to   predic.ons  on  observa.ons.   –  If  system  is  complex  (e.g.,  climate)  then  simula.on  is  expensive   –  Predic.ons  are  oWen  –  both  simula.on   and  data  analysis     July  13   MCS    -­‐-­‐  Marc  Snir   24


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