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Noah  Smith, Noahpinion, EconoTrolls of Academia, here. I like 9th-year grad student the best.

At the American Economic Association meeting this week, I was asked to do part of the humor session, run by Yoram Bauman (“the world’s first stand-up economist”). The theme was supposed to be a riff on my EconoTrolls blog post from last year. Figuring that an audience of academics wouldn’t know an Austrian from a Post-Keynesian, I made an all new bestiary of EconoTrolls, focusing on academia. Unfortunately, never having done comedy before, I made the mistake of putting the slides in “blog post” form (i.e., presenting everything on the screen at once), instead of in “punch line” form as I now realize I should have. Nevertheless, I think people were somewhat entertained.


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