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Pink Iguana’s Top 5 Posts 2013


These are the posts that got the most views in 2013.

Pink I is running about 1200 views per month  in 2013, up from 800 per month in 2012. Certainly closing in on a worldwide distribution of several milliLiptons or milliRitholtzs, depending on your preferred measure. Year over year, the blog has a little tighter focus for a very select audience of FinQuant Programmers. Pink I fulfills the personal need for a log of searchable FinQuant references, so that Google  provided with the key words “Pink Iguana” and whatever specific topic keyword, retrieves all the references curated in the past several months. A sharp aid for a faulty memory on a New Jersey Transit train with an iPhone. The compilation of internet references are interesting, it’s good to know where Goldberg’s paper,  Knuth vol. 4A preprints, or Kahan’s fac page are, just to get started with the static reference basics. But finding dynamic/live reference streams like  Nick Higham’s blog, The Epicurean Dealmaker, Hager’s blog, or kevinonthestreet is really the main part of this curation game. That is why the Pink Iguana has top shelf value even if the audience is few in number and scorned/pitied by gimlet-eyed folks who monetize digital content (see Your Blog Sucks and Blog Free or Die).  The ICC, AVX, MKL, GCC, Agner Fog, and Haswell posts/analysis/checkups are gaining traction but are still dominated by announcements like Yitang Zhang and Kensho Finance that we simply serendipitously stumble on. Oh, and don’t forget the opportunities to gloat in a medium that preserves your words forever, let me google that for you “pink iguana blog” – six slots top of page (at least it used to be) –  and “Mrs. Hooker’s blog”, here,  an almost insurmountable lead over our nemesis  Business Math Blog, here. Happy New Year.


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